A2D CASAMBI Bluetooth lighting control

We present the new Casambi A2D with high-voltage input and 2 outputs.

For 0-10 V, Dali, Relais und Push-Button.

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January New Releases 2020

Smart lighting control with Bluetooth
LE solutions Casambi

Light switches on or off, those were until not so long ago, the only two options, to adjust the brightness control in a room.
While there are already other technical possibilities, However, in such a variety, that it is difficult even for professionals to keep track.
However, more and more a system works worldwide with Casambi by, offers numerous advantages and the Arditi GmbH tailored to be adapted to the demands and needs of the user can.

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Team image 10 anniversary of Arditi GmbH
Casambi certification Lars Mehrwald and Nicole Hadeler
Did you know?

Casambi certification

Have you ever known, that we are certified partners for Casambi?

Our technicians Casambi Lars Mehrwald and Nicole Hadeler have been certified directly by Casambi in Finland vergangenden year, To provide the best possible support for you.

Please contact us on to, if you want an exclusive Casambi training in our or your house.

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