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PLH Italy Verlinkung

Technology and aesthetics. The switches from PLH®

Stahl, Micromosaic and unusual surfaces for the 2020 collections.

PLH® presents four new collections, which were consistently made in Italy and the element of the command plate Aesthetics and functionality reinvent.

The protective treatment is entrusted to the Italian company Protim®: With the ultra-modern process IS-Pro - Ion Shields Protection, the steel is in satined, pearlescent, shiny surfaces Black presents with various chromatic variations including Gun Metal and Warm, Gold, Copper bronze, Stainless steel and iridescent.

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The decision between 40W, 60W or 100W was yesterday. Today the light adapts to the biorhythm, Create atmosphere with different color temperatures and everything is automated. By optimally controlling the lighting, only energy is consumed, when it's really needed. All of this does not have to be cost-intensive and requires a lot of programming.

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